Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 We had a wonderful Easter, did you?
The Easter Bunny did indeed come and the boys were delighted with their baskets, but I forgot to snap a single picture.  Oops.  I did however require my boys to pose for pictures after church.  You can tell that they are really happy about it, especially my 9 year old Coleman:)  He was complaining that the sun was in his eyes and so he just could not smile, but I think he was just annoyed at being kept from reuniting with his basket of candy after church!  Such a mean old Mom to want to take pictures when chocolate is waiting:)
 I miss the days when I could orchestrate all their outfits for special occasions.  I tried to get the older boys to where spring colored ties--but TJ is the only one who did it.  At least I still got my two little guys into Spring-ish sweater vests!  I actually had one for Coleman too--but he refused! Augh--he is growing up too fast:)

Along with all the treats, easter eggs and fun I tried really hard to teach my sons what Easter is really a celebration of...

I wanted to share this Easter video.  I love Elder Holland and his words so much.
I want to add my humble testimony to his--I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us perfectly.  I am  grateful, beyond words for His infinte and eternal gift of the atonement and ressurection.  For me Easter is a time to not only reflect on this incredible offering, but to renew my committment to Him. 
 I wish with all my heart to live my life as a disciple of Christ.

When Connor and TJ were small and I was struggling with how to help them understand what Easter is really about,  I came across this sweet story, Mending Easter.  It was just perfect and we have read it every year since.  On Sunday, I even shared it in my lesson at church for the teenage girls and they loved it too:) 
You can find it here.

I finally updated my weekly menu here.


Brittany said...

Thank u for sharing ur testimony sis. What a great post. I love Easter! The boys looked so handsome/cute in the pictures too!! :)

Jan S said...

I loved reading your testimony, Melanie. You have always had such a good spirit. I am grateful that you are working hard at helping your little family stay close to the Savior. I loved the story, too.
What handsome boys, if I do say so myself! They are sure growing up fast. Give them all a big love for me.

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