Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Can't Believe...

I Can NOT believe that ...
I have another teenager in the house!
And I just realized that this picture is very similiar to last year--ha!

What?!!  How could this sweet boy of mine be 13!
It was so fun to celebrate him --starting with looking through his baby book together in the sun room bathed with morning light. I think it is a moment I won't forget:)  Looking at those pictures and reading my words about his birth were special. We were laughing about his funny baby expressions and I was able to express to him how happy I was the day he was born, and what a gift it is to be his Mother!
 I have a habit of randomly sharing stories and funny memories of my boys when they were little, whenever they pop into my heard (which is often:).  Luckily, they seem to love it and never tire of hearing about themselves:)  I, of course, completely enjoy recalling all those sweet moments with them, but I really hope that it serves a more important purpose.  I want my sons to grow up knowing without a doubt how very loved and cherished they are.  That is the goal and with boys you have to find a non-mushy way to express that, you know?!  

And more UNBELIEVABLE events:
I caught these two guys READING!

Seriously they actually had a book cracked open!  Sweet!
Brad was so impressed with a book gifted to TJ for his birthday (from us--yes I do the shopping:).  We highly recommend this book and this one too! (I got Connor the blue one for Christmas this year) 
They are perfect for teenagers--helping they understand the doctrines of the gospel in fun and interesting ways.

In other shocking news... 
We went to the dentist this week and I could not believe that both of my little boys had a cavity! 
What?!!!  I felt like the biggest loser Momma!  Now we have a timer and we are brushing and flossing very carefully from here on out! 
I am blaming this on Brad and the older boys though--Come to find out, that when they do the bedtime routine (about half the time) with these little guys, they just say 'go brush'.  Well, obviously they need some guidance and supervision to make sure it happens!  AURGH!!

I also can't believe what a fabulous painter my hubby is!
With 5 boys he has become a master touch-up-the-walls painter!
Thank you baby!

And I CAN NOT BELIEVE that we are selling our home! 
 (Thus all the painting:)
Yes, that's right--we were going to put in a pool and then decided that before we make that investment we better get in the right house that we can stay in for a LONG time, you know?!

We are going to try to sell it ourselves first since we are not in a rush. This is a little bitter sweet for us because there is so much we love about this place.   So, if you need a home in Chattanooga, TN--let me know:)  We will hook you up with a great deal!


Jan S said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ! I remember the day he was born, SO WELL. I was so excited to get down to be at the hospital and welcome him into the world that I got a speeding ticket (one of only two in more than 45 years of driving!).
I loved how you described the day - sounds like you made it wonderful for T (as you always do, Melanie). You are a fabulous mother (well, maybe that's an exaggeration - there were those two cavities!).

Erin said...

I loved this post. Happy Birthday TJ! I like your idea of sharing little anecdotes of your kids when they were little. My kids love that too, but I should do it more often. Your home is so pretty, I can't imagine it would stay on the market for long! Those two church books sound good. Love you!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday TBone! I can vividly remember the day he was born. I came straight from highschool softball practice to meet my newest nephew. I love your boys so much, Mel! Hope you sell your home fast.

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