Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures at Fall Creek Falls in (A LOT of) Pictures

First the Overlook:

Let the trek begin!
This hike was perfect--not too hard and stunning at every turn!

This rock crevice had a very nice cool breeze coming off it-- just like a natural air conditioner!  It was strangle and very appreciated!  On the way back up it provided a great place to refresh!

Cannon and I took up the rear where we kept a nice leisurely pace, taking lots of pictures and chatting together!
Seriously--beautiful, huh? 
The little boys did great!  It was harder going up--but they were troopers, keeping up on their own and not wanting any help! Such independence:)
Just a 25 minute hike--down hill mostly shady--to find this sweet sight waiting...Awesome!

The water was COLD--like frigid!!
Contemplating swimming...
some of us  ended up going for it...
and some of us enjoyed the sights while being cooled by the mist spraying off the rocks!

Woo hoo!
I must say this was a perfect way to spend my birthday.  I loved every minute!

TJ and Brad worked on some stunts while they waited for the swimmers:)

Then we hiked back up and drove down the road to this picturesque swimming hole where we all went for a dip this time!

Finishing the day with a little cliff jumping!

Oh yeah!
What a grand adventure!
We can't wait to go back to Fall Creek Falls!


PixieGirl said...

My boys would love this, such a grand adventure!

Mindy said...

How fun! When I finally come to visit, I want to go there. It looks amazing! And the swimming hole looks like a blast, too.

Anonymous said...

Fall Crk Falls. . . . NICE! I bet that is going to be a favorite place with 5 boys!!!! Maybe you can show it to Grammy and I when we come in November. . .. I'll want to see some swimming though!

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