Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Little Graduates

We had some sweet GRADUATIONS this week...
for my littlest boys and I have to say I loved every minute:)
First up Cannon graduated from Morris Hill Baptist  Preschool.
Do you see that little white blurr infront--that is his teachers head Mrs Kate.  She just might be the sweetest little 80 year old preschool teacher in the whole world.  She has been running this preschool for a LONG time.  One of my 40 year old neighbors had her for preschool too:) Crazy huh?!  She should get some kind of huge award or medal of honor or sometimgs for her years of service to these little people!
 She is full of love for these sweet littel souls and they all love her right back.  Bridger couldn't wait to see her again.  (he went there last year) She sat up front softly leading them thru a whole program of songs, nursery rhyms and bible verses they had memorized.  I am so sad that I did not get a picture of her and my boys.  They served cake, chips and pop and my boys RAN off with their little friends.

 The pastor handed out the diplomas.  Cannon and his funny handshake:)
 Our little graduate and Daddy. He is ready for Kindergarten!!  I can not believe my baby is going to be in school next year!!  I guess it is time for a new baby :) ha ha!

 Next up was Bridger's Kindergarten Graduation. 
 What a cutie!

He also performed serveral songs--this one was a butterfuly song!  Can you tell?

 They stood when their name was announced.  Look how happy my little man looks.

He was good boy and posed for lots of pictures for his Mom!  I was a little camera happy that night:)

Bradger and buddies Brady and

  Sam.  Alot of time spent on the playground and at the lunchroom table with these two guys!

Mrs Chamberlain--the perfect Kindgergarten teacher! 
Seriously she was fantastic--sweet patient and loving!

 Love this guy!
  First Grade here he comes!
And if you made it through all these pictures then as they say here in the South...


Brittany said...

Oh Mel I loved all those pictures!! The boys look so handsome in their shirt and ties! What darling little graduates! ;) gabe graduated yesterday too but I didn't get any good pics like u...I'll post what I got tho! Tell the boys congrats! ;)

Mindy said...

Bridger and Cannon looked SO handsome in their shirts and ties. You've got some good looking boys, Mel. It sounds like they both had fabulous teachers and a great year. My favorite pictures were of the boys doing the actions to their songs. What cuties!

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