Wednesday, May 23, 2012

15 years today!!

Connor turned 15 today and is now old enought to get a driving permit!  Yikes!
Brad getting ready to take him our for the first time!
 I had the treat of taking my boy out for a birthday lunch of his choice--5 Guys Burgers!  Yum! 
Later we had some of his friends over to celebrate--love these guys!  They had youth group at our church tonight so we are having our family party tomorrow.
We love to prolong the celebrations around here:)
Happy Birthday Connor!
This is a very special day for me too--the day I became a Mother.
A day I will cherish forever..
I love you with all my heart my first born boy!


PixieGirl said...

I luuuv a bunch-o-teenage boys hanging around...isn't it the best! So darn cute!

Brittany said...

I just love that first picture w brad and Connor- they r so cute together! :) and I loved ur sentiment at the end. Ur right- the first is so special because it marks the beginning of motherhood! I sure love Connor so much and am so proud of what a wonderful young man he is!!

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