Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Stuff

Three things that brought a smile to my face today:

#1  Eating this delicious Quinoa breakfast--have you tried Quinoa (pronounced "kin wa")?  It is super healthy and yummy.  I posted more about it on The Sisters Cafe today here.

#2 Finding this hilarious picture on my phone from last spring.  Cannon came out of his primary class with those adorable pipecleaner glasses and presenting me with a daffodil!  Precious!  He has the best primary teacher ever!  We love you Sister Harmon!

Have you heard of the ROO CUP?  Unfortunetly my boys caught wind of it and we are now the proud owners of 4.  They purchased them at our local Kangaroo gas station for $6.99 and then all summer you can fill them up with an icee or pop for only a quarter.  I don't love it--but the boys thought it was an incredibly wise use of their allowance.  Now they beg me to stop for refills on our way to the pool.  I never remind anyone to grab them and actually secretly hope they forget:)  I don't want too much sugar in these guys of mine, you know?!
This sight may not make me smile but this morning when Cannon saw them all lined up in the dishwasher--he ran and got Bridger saying "I have a happy thing to show you!-- Look, ROO cups!"
(Even though Cannon doesn't have one I get him a little cup of icee when the boys fill up.  He doesn't get allowance yet and I could not bring myself to buy that ridiculous cup for my littlest boy.)

I couldn't help but smile--those cups mean icey cold slushies all summer long--YUM! 

What makes you smile today? 
Hope you have a happy day!

PS Thank you all so very much for fabulous reading ideas!  You guys are the best!  I have implemented a great plan, thanks to you!  I will post about it soon!

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Mindy said...

Love that picture of Cannon with the pipe cleaner glasses!

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