Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day in Boston Part Two

We started the Boston Freedom Trail at Quincy Market

A very delightful street show was going on.  These guys had our gang mesmorized for awhile.

Then we were off--but not before Coleman found a shop to purchase a Celtics jersey--his favorite team:) 
Boston is such an old but well kept city, full of character.  I loved it.  So much to look at and enjoy--thus all the pictures:)

Look at the dates on these establishments--crazy!

We even found an old charcter ....?!

We wanted to tour Paul Revere's home, but we were too late, it was closed.  Darn! 
It was a very plain looking home. I guess it has been restored and very interesting.  Next time!

Paul Revere atop a borrowed horse for his famous ride!

This is the church were Paul Revere hung the lanterns of warning.

 People paid for their own little box at this church and the sermons were given from an elevated platform--you can see in the above picutre (on the left)

More walking:)  Look how tall and grown up Connor looks--could that really be my boy?!!

 Next stop:

 Established 1659---wow!

 A perfectly spooky old graveyard--lots of the tombstones had these scarey looking skulls on the top-

We finished our day at the famous BOSTON HARBOR
where the famous TEA PARTY occured!

Where we found a playground for the children and enjoyed some of the best pizza that I have ever had!  YUM!
I loved Boston and can't wait to go back and explore it further.  What a cool city!

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Linda Carrion said...

Melanie - thanks so much for posting your Boston pics. I lived in Cambridge while in graduate school and walked those streets many, many times...thanks for the trip down memory lane! I defintely left a piece of my heart in that place.

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