Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day in Boston: Part One

By the time we got our gang out the door and drove to Boston it was time for lunch...feeding 20 people is quite the undertaking:) We sent the Daddy's in to order sandwiches whle the kiddos paitiently waited.

Brad and his nieces:)

The girls were constanly bumming a ride on their big boy cousins--smart I tell you! 
 We did A LOT of walking!

First we walked to this BIG HUGE carrier that the US Navy had stationed there in Boston and was open for tours for the 4th of July.  It was amazing!

Once again--much to the chagrin of the kids when we find a good picture spot we have to stop for a bunch of pictures:) 

I think they said on the tour that ov er 3000 servicemen live on the ship.  So you can imagine we saw LOTS of sailors enjoying a day off the ship in Boston.  It made me think of my Daddy who was in the Navy.  I love the pictures of him in his uniform.  He was one handsome navy man!

Ok I know this is a ridiculous amount of pictures--but I need to document this wonderful trip:)
Next up:  The Boston Freedom Walk--so cool!

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