Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hiking at the Loon Resort (New Hampshire)

I feel like this summer is flying by and I never have time to BLOG--darn it!
I have so much I want to write--but I need to get our trip done first:)
So here are a TON of pictures of all the fun we had--if you ever get the chance to visit the Boston/ New Hampshire area I would say GO!  It is beautiful
We took a tram ride up to this:

The views were breathtaking!

The Chrsitensen cousins--what a cute gang!
The perfect spot for pictures--so of course we did just that!

Brad and his family--other than Scott (we sure missed you guys!)

 This was the only sad part of the day--the kids were all ready to zipline and then there was lightening!

 We waited for awhile but the weather just got worse:(  The kids were crushed!  They don't know it, but we are taking our boys to a really nice zipline in Georgia next weekend.  They will get there chance after all:)
 While we waited I shared my lipgloss with my youngest little neice Mackenzie--isn't she sweet?!
If you made it this far--you are a trooper:)
Boston and Palmayra New York next!

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