Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Hampshire Seashore

We spent the first day of the Christensen family reunion at Rye Beach, part of a very picturesque New England town. I wasn't too good about taking pictures that day--but we had a great time!
 As soon as we got there the children ran for the waves!
 And let me tell you--the Atlantic ocean up north is COLD!  
The kids were so thrilled to be with each other again, they didn't seem to mind the frigid water.
 It really was so fun to catch up!

 Brothers~Brad and Marc

 Bridger--my beach bum!
 Kyle (11) and Coleman(10)

 Brad, his sister Carrie and Mom
 My cute little Cannon.
We LOVE a day on the seashore but most of all we LOVED hanging out with family


Rebecca said...

I LOVE your hat! :)

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks Rebecca! I got it at Target:)

Laura Ayers said...

You look so glamorous Melanie! What a fun trip :) You are experiencing so many fun things living on the other side of the country!!! Miss ya xoxo

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