Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Adventure Has Begun


Connor is the proud owner of a TN drivers permit!

Luckily, he seems to be a natural at this driving stuff, but oh my goodness I thought I was going to have a heart attack the first time we left the safety of parking lots and hit the road!

It seems that this boy of mine is growing up fast-- what an adventure!



stephanie said...

I have until November and Madelyn will be doing the same thing! But winter in Utah---it could be crazy teaching her at first. Good luck, Connor and good luck Brad and Melanie!

Mindy said...

Yeah Connor! Super cool!

Brittany said...

aaaaaah I can't believe he is driving! Go Con Man!! I know it's cliche but I just remember him so clearly as a baby and toddler. Oh Mel, I'm so proud of how wonderful he is growing up - what a great guy he is. I love him so much!

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