Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Love

Are you enjoying the Olympics as much as we are? To kick it all off we had a little party last Friday. We pulled out our sweet Salt Lake 2002 Olympic flag for the festivities. We lived there then and got to go to several events. I was pregnant with Coleman then so I like to tell him he is our Olympic baby:)
I racked my brain for some fun English food to serve but all I could think of was fish and chips (which no one would like but me) so instead I ended up ordering pizza and making red white and blue layered drinks:)
Does anyone have some English food ideas for our closing ceremony party?


Susanne said...

I made scones and Shepherd's Pie.

Ammanda said...

If you can, find some real English clotted cream and have it with fruit. Heavenly!

Melanie Anne said...

Susanna and Amanda
What great ideas-- thank you:)

Brittany said...

yay the olympics were so fun! (I cannot believe how far behind I am on your blog - I'm sorry I am so lame!)

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