Monday, August 13, 2012

One Last Hurrah

Remember our failed attempt at Ziplining
Well we can now officially check it off our Summer Bucket List. 
This last weekend we went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia on a perfectly nice day (no lightening this time--phew!) for a ride on the Fire Wire Zip Line! 
The boys LOVED soaring on a wire, but wished the ride lasted longer:)

After we walked along the cute downtown of Blue Ridge checking out all the shops.
The boys were most interested in this one...

enjoying some old fashioned soda...

 and taking in all the beautiful "art":)

(The cub in the middle is my favorite!)
He is the only one that will happily pose for pictures anymore:)
We will be back Blue Ridge!
I had my eye on some BEAUTIFUL cabins to rent.
Anybody want to join us? 


Mindy said...

Wish I could join you! Looks like a blast!

Brittany said...

Mel I loved seeing all those cute pictures of your family and hearing about your fun day! Wow you guys are wonderful at creating family memories! Miss you like crazy!!!!!!!!!

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