Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Already & some Free Printables

1st Day of School

Shift #1
 My big boys were good sports about the annual 1st Day of School Picture but they tried to argue that they were getting too old for such things. I informed them that that Oh No--I will get my picture each year until they graduate:)

Shift #2
 Cannon our kindergarten boy actually doesn't go today--he starts next week.
So I have one more week with a little buddy keeping me company.

I sure am going to miss this little guy!  I had the hardest time deciding if he should go this year.  Since he has a summer birthday, I always thought I would keep him home and let him go when he was 6 just like I did for Coleman,  BUT then my thinking started to change.  First of all the cut off isn't until October here, he really wants to go to school and be with his big brothers so much, he knows all his letters, the sound they make and he did great in preschool.  In fact he would be devestated if I put him in preschool again.  I have to tell you though, this has been a HUGE decision for me that I have agonzied over.  It is probably not that big of a deal, but it was to me.  I waffled like crazy.  Letting my baby go off to school is HARD.  I really think that going to school is the right thing for him and he is ready---I'm just not sure if I am:)

Today while the majority of my boys are off to school I am working on the finishing touches of our annual' Back to School Dinner tonight
We will discuss this years theme "ARISE AND SHINE FORTH", our expectations for the school year, set goals, and Brad will give the boys a special Fathers Blessing.
It should be fun!

Here are some fun printables for your back to school dinner:

I used these ones last year-


I'm going to use this collection to decorate for tonight--
For more darling back to school free printables click here.


Mindy said...

All the boys look very handsome! They look so old and grown up, but I still feel like I could hug them and spend a whole day with them without feeling awkward at all. I just LOVE your boys, Melanie. Even though I have my own little boys now, I still think of your boys as kind of mine, too. I am so thankful I got to spend so much time with them when they were little. Each one holds such a special place in my heart. In fact, I'm getting heart sick and teary eyed just writing this! Give them all hugs and kisses from Aunt Mindy tonight! I love you.

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness Mel. You really are super mom!! LOVE your fun traditions around going back to school. your boys are so blessed to have such a positive, happy, fun mom!

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