Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Thoughts on a Monday

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Last week I was in a bit of a funk, I think it had to do with sending my baby off to school fulltime, but mostly the reason for my bad/sad mood  was just a big mystery. Sometimes, there are days when you just don't feel bright and you can't really pin point the culprit. I think (i hope) this is normal for the average person:)
  I am a firm believer that you choose happiness in life and sometimes you have to work at it really hard! You must take control of your thoughts and make them positive.  I realize this can be easier said than done, but I know the old adage is true that "Practise Makes Perfect"!  It takes self discipline but little by little it can be done. You know one of my favorite scriptures is " through small and simple things are great things brought to pass".  One small and simple thing that helps is counting your blessings.  My friend shared this quote last week that she had read in the paper (article by Betsy Hart found here).

 "How would you interact with God differently if you only had today what you had thanked him for yesterday?"
Wow-- what a great thought! I couldn't stop thinking about it and realized I had some improving to do! As I found myself thinking more about my blessings and thanking my Heavenly Faither for them .I felt better!   Being grateful and happy seem to go hand in hand, don't you think?  Well,  I hope your week is HAPPY!  I know mine will be:)


The Farmgirl said...

Hi Melanie, I've been reading your blog and the sisters cafe blog for some time now and I'm sorry I've never stopped to comment. What a beautiful family you have! I know what you mean about being in a funk sometimes for no reason really. I've been there myself :( I too have found that counting my blessings, thanking God for each and every one and just remembering that He is in control is such a help to get my perspective right! Thank you for sharing your life and wonderful recipes, too! Teresa

The Dickinsons said...

Very good, I needed that today.

We are in Colombia right now, but as soon as God works things out we are moving back to Argentina. I just had a special tea party for our Colombian ladies that you might enjoy seeing the pics from. =)
(pics on Heather's Highlights.)

Blessings today,

Melanie Anne said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a note! Hope your weekend is a happy one:)

Melanie Anne said...

You tea party looks so fun!! Thanks for stopping by!

Brittany said...

loved these thoughts mel - thank you. I look up to you so much. I think you're def right though - everyone has days where they feel a little blue but you're also right that we choose happiness. I know it's harder for some than others, but still, our minds are incredibly powerful. And so is gratitude for changing our emotions from sad to glad! Did that make sense? :) Anyway, loved taht quote sis, thanks!

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