Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are SO excited...

for BYU Football Season to start...TONIGHT!!
My boys have been watching this little clip in anticipation...they LOVE it!  I have to admit, this is pretty awesome--definitely gets you pumped for the season!
We can't wait--GO COUGARS:)

Even though the game starts well past bedtime--it is set to record and will be enjoyed as soon as possible:) 
Obviously, we are HUGE BYU fans around here, but I would like to know...
who do you cheer for?


Twisted Chicken said...

Living in Salt Lake puts us right in the middle of the Red/Blue fan zone. We're not from around here so we don't have allegiance to either. We are sports fans, though...which means we watch it all! Last night we watched Utah because it started earlier then we switched to BYU when it started (and the Utah game was boring).

Melanie Anne said...

Hey Twisted Chicken,
Yes you ar ein the thick of the blue vs red rivalry for sure! Here in TN hardly anyone even cares about the Utes or Cougars. It is all SEC--. Hope you have a good weekend:)

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