Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bright Idea

You have probably noticed that I have not really got into the swing of things in regards to my weekly menus this fall.  I think I had vacation on the mind:)  Well now my vacations are over and it is time to get organized again.
I happened to see a bit of the Food Nanny on KBYU this last week and something she said inspired me.  She suggested that you pick a theme for each day of the week.  That way you have some direction when planning your menu, plus your family will have an idea about what to look forward to for dinner each night.  My kids thought that was a great idea and it was just the spark I needed to get going again:)  

So I have picked these themes for now:
Monday~ Comfort Foods
Tuesday~ Italian
Wednesday~ Mexican
Thursday~ Asian (which includes India--yum!:)
Friday~  Pizza night
Saturday~ Leftovers or frozen foods (date night Mom &Dad)
Sunday~ Family Favorites

As you know from this post, I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I have my meals planned!  It is such a huge stress preventer for me that I really have no idea why I ever let this habit slip!  I am recommitted now though:) 
I started writing a one word description of our dinners at the top of our weekly calendar that goes on the fridge, but I still use this weekly menu planner (the grocery list is such a help!)  for our family command center.  

I have also decided to stream line my recipe binders.  Right now I think I have 5 bulging binders--too many! I bought this new one and only our very favorites are going in there.  The every-once-in-awhile types of recipes I can always look up on The Sisters Cafe: or in one of my many cookbooks.
Wish me luck--picking only my very favorites may prove to be challenging for me:)

If you have had success in this whole recipe organizing, meal planning area I would love to hear any tips you have! 


Liz said...

I followed this tutorial to make my binder.

I really wanted to have all of my family's favorite recipes in one place. One of the reasons I liked the idea of this binder is the custom tabs. I was able to make as many categories as I needed to make the recipe binder fit my cooking preferences. I have been using my book for a couple of years and it has been great. I am actually doing this for one of our RS Super Saturday projects this weekend. It was our most popular project.

Melanie Anne said...

Oh Thank you so much for the link:) I love that idea of creating your own dividers using cardstock and a labeler! I am going to use this idea for my Young Women Presidency binders!

zellamarie said...

I've used a template-style menu for a long time. It helps jump-start my brain and helps the kids kind of know what to expect for dinner. I still experiment and try new recipes, but I try to keep the night's category the same. Currently, Sunday is dedicated to pasta recipes for dinner, Monday is meat and potatoes night, Tuesday is crockpot or freezer meal night, Wednesday is salad and rolls(soon to be soup and rolls with fall here), Thursday is bean night (we love burritos, 7layer dip, navajo tacos, etc ), Friday is pizza and Saturday is taco/enchilada night. These categories change with the seasons and after-school activities each year, but the idea is the same. I still use your darling menu planner for write out specifics and make the grocery list. Anyway, it works great for us.

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