Saturday, October 13, 2012


Before dealing with this...

I started doing this...(remember the BOO banner--directions here)
I know call me crazy, but it was a few days past October 1st (my usual designated day for turning  the Christensen home into a haunted house) and I couldn't wait!!  Also it completely delights the boys!  It was so fun to welcome them home from school with all our Halloween stuff out.  They all ran around the house excitedly checking everything out.  I could tell that even my cool teenagers were loving it:)
I had a couple of new items to add to the usual decor this year:
A pretty velvet pumpkin that had its stem broken within minutes--poor guy was not meant to be a football!
And I added Mr Bones--he is waiting patiently for some dinner!  I have always wanted a life size skeleton--but could never find a good one until this year at Target!  Isn't he great?! He is pose able and made of plastic--probably good for my rough bunch!
We brought this hat with built in dreadlocks home for from the Cayman Island thinking it would make a good costume for one of my teenagers who only half dress up anymore, but the boys thought it belonged on this guy:)

We even struggled with our winning pumpkin and finally got him out on the porch before going to to our favorite donut shop to pick up our treat for traditional kick off October movie night:)

Happy Halloween my friends...and now off to unpack and repack suitcases for our annual Fall Break Beach Trip with our boys this time:)  Yipee for beaches in the South where you can still swim in October!  


Heather said...

Love all this, but how in the world do you manage to do all this with a new baby?! Amazing! My 4th wiped me out.=)

Melanie Anne said...

Dear Heather,
I do not have a new baby anymore-- Although I wish I did! My babies are grown and all in school, so I have more time to do the silly stuff:) You definetely can not do everything you want with a new little baby in the house...but the trade off is worth it:) There is nothing better than new born snuggles--heaven!! Enjoy!

Mindy said...

Your house looks darling! I love it. I made some of mom's cute mice last night nad put them up on pictures and stuff (putting them on the baseboards is too tempting to Colt to tear off and destroy). Jack was SO excited when he got up this morning. I'll bet he would go crazy at your house! I especially love rasta mr bones. Too cool!

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