Thursday, October 11, 2012

Swimming with the Stingrays and other Random Stuff

 When Brad's meetings were over, we set off on a Catamaran to Sting Ray City.  
Here is protected place where the fisherman used to clean their catch at the end of the day and the Sting Rays would come to feed on the discarded heads and tails.  The fisherman no longer do that there, but it has become a major tourist attraction.  The crew brought fish and almost as soon as we were in the water Sting Ray started flocking.
 They were super gentle and seemed to love people.  The crew members were out helping us pet and hold them. They were big, soft, gentle fish and kind of reminded me of a cat.  They would rub up against the side of your leg as they swam by. 
 Brad ended up back on the boat a little early in Sting Ray City.  He liked the snorkeling that we did later in the day--but  swimming around with big slimy creatures was not his favorite!
It was quite an adventure but I could not take my eyes off this water--stunning!!

Now for some seriously random pictures that we texted our boys--
There are crazy chickens and roosters running wild all over the Island. 
 This is a shopping center pretty close to our hotel--funny huh?!  
 And one afternoon it was raining so we had come in from the beach and were sitting in some chairs up on the second floor when there was some movement outside the window.  I seriously jumped our of my chair when I saw this guy!!  Thank heavens there was a thick piece of glass between us!  YIKES!

Different Shades of the Beach:
There was some rain and dark clouds for part of the time, but I still found it beautiful.

 The rain didn't seem to last long and as soon as it was gone I was right back out there:)

It was a great blessing to be able to tag along on this trip with my sweet hubby.
The whole time I kept thinking how much my boys would LOVE it.  I think we are going to start saving for a cruise.  I would love to do that with our crew. I think the cruise line may lose money on our family though with their all- you-can-eat-when-ever-you-want policy--I swear my boys are ALWAYS hungry and let me tell you...they can eat!  I guess we would get our moneys worth:)

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