Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today and Again Tomorrow...darn it!

**First of all THANK from the bottom of my heart for all sweet messages and especially for your prayers!  That means so much!  I sure love you all!

We reported to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville this morning to have the famous Dr Frank Fish work his magic on my little man's heart. 
Bridger woke up a little teary eyed and anxious, poor sweetheart. We reminded him that he had received several beautiful priesthood blessings and had so many people praying for him.  We also talked about the Lord's love and care for him and putting our trust in Him, the master physician. He was able to over come his nerves and was so brave!! I was so proud of him.

After hours of tests, long conversations with Drs, lots of paperwork and a little Ipad fun...

We found out that there had been a HUGE error.  No one from their office had told me to quit Bridger's medicine 48 hours before the surgery.  The person that was in charge of letting me know, had a family emergency and we somehow fell through the cracks.  So yesterday morning, a nurse called me from the office to change the time from 7am to 8 am--during the conversation I asked about the meds.  She was shocked that he was still taking them.  I was told to stop them immediately. 
I was so nervous to stop them.  I felt like I could hardly sleep last night. I was told that if his heart went back into the SVT for longer than 20 minutes to bring him into the ER and they would just admit him. It was a little nerve racking for me, but I didn't need to worry.

I think all those prayers were working extra well:). 
They could not get his heart to go back into it the SVT.  The really needed the problem to come back at the hospital so they have a better chance of being able to fix it during the surgery.
They finally even had him running on a treadmill in the exercise lab...

 Which felt so strange and ironic to me.  He was not to exert himself for the last 10 days so that he would not go back into the dangerous rhythms...and now we were trying our best to make it happen.   I had been so careful with giving him his medicine and keeping him resting that this felt very strange now.  I was thinking, geez, last night--I could have slept like a baby!  I had nothing to worry about!

They said his heart was beating irregular, but not going into the SVT rhythm.  It was strange for me to be wanting it to.  It all felt opposite of all my prayers the last week or so!  Finally, it was determined that the meds were still too strong in his system and we would have to postpone the surgery.  We were so discouraged.  In the end the Dr and his staff went to great efforts to rearrange their schedule for tomorrow.  So although it is frustrating, we won't have to get back on the medicine and wait too long.  We will be back in the morning.
Bridger was super happy to get outta there and be able to eat.  He had to go in fasting --and we had been  there for hours.  He was thrilled to spend his day eating his favorite foods, christmas shopping in Target and spending lots of time with Mom and Dad:)

It was fun to see him so happy and spend the afternoon together. 
Now he is laying here next to me , with no signs of SVT.  I asked the DR if it could have just healed itself and maybe it won't come back at all.  He said no that is HIGHLY unlikely, but I can't help but dream:) So I guess, I will just hope that we won't have any problems tonight but in the norning it will start up in time for the procedure:)
And this will all be over soon!!  I am looking forward to that!


Susan from Sacramento said...

You are so in my prayers. Don't know you personally, but having a child close to Bridger's age - and having gone through something similar with my little guy - I am holding you all close in prayer.

Brittany said...

Oh Mel that was fun to read and see all those pictures again. I'm so sorry and disappointed that is didn't work out today. But I'm so thankful Bridger is safe and that he has wonderful Doctors. This will get figured out eventually and in the meantime he has great medical care and lots of prayers and blessings to help you all through it. I love you so much.

Merilee said...

How frustrating! Everything will work out for the best though! Modern medicine is so amazing! I had a surgery very similar to this right after I had my last daughter, so glad he doesn't have to have open heart surgery. We are praying for him and for your sweet family.

Mindy said...

I loved that picture of Bridger on the treadmill running. The whole picture is crisp except for his little blurry running body. He looks a little like the enigma his heart has become. He is in our prayers always, as are you! Love you.

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