Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mysterious Heart

 Well Friday morning we reported to the hospital bright and early as requested.  Bridger was far less nervous and anxious as he was the day before.  I was very proud of his great attitude.
 We patiently waited as they got him all checked in and prepped for surgery.  I thought it was pretty incredible that he said he wasn't scared anymore.  I had a feeling all those prayers were covering him with peace.  He honestly was good in spirits until the very last minute. When a team of 6 Doctors and nurses surrounded his bed and told him it was time to go his expression changed but he did not panic.  He said goodbye to us with a quivering lip and it about broke my heart.  His eyes were red and little tears were spilling out even though his face was stoic.  He didn't cry out or complain at all.  We hugged and kissed him telling him we would see him soon and he bravely nodded his head.  That was hard!
 During the LONG procedure they give you updates by calling you on a special phone in a designated OR waiting room.  We had several updates during the 5 hour surgery, but they were having a hard time keeping him in the arrhythmia long enough to map it.  We were told that without a good map (30-60 points) they can not accurately find the source of the problem, to know where to ablate (or destroy).  With Bridger they could only find 4 points.  That was a pretty crude map and they kept pumping his little body with all kinds of things to try and keep him in it.  Adrenaline, caffeine, diuretics etc.  In the end the Dr who is world renowned in this field was very frustrated/disappointed with how it went..  He said he is rarely ever surprised and Bridger shocked him.  From all the gathered data from the time in the ER and PICU and the tests since---this was a well documented case of PJRT, but when they went in to fix behaved totally differently.  He did not have a good explanation for what was going on.  
SO basically Bridger's little heart has stumped the Doctors!
 Out of surgery--so happy to see this little man!

 Feeling good enough to play games on the IPAD:)

We were told that he would need to remain on the cardiac medicine until his heart functioning was back to normal.  They want to keep me checking his heart 3-4 times a day, but he can go back to normal activity.  We will go in for tests periodically and wear a 24 heart monitor a few times to try and study his heart during regular everyday life.  He ruled out that it was just a virus that caused the extremely hard to control SVT .  They know his heart was having more issues than just the few days in the hospital because the functioning is still not back up showing more damage was done than could have happened in those 48 hours. 
 At first I was so upset.  I really really wanted to have a resolution and be done with this chapter of our lives:)
But that is not going to be the case, darn it!  I do have a HUGE sense of peace. I KNOW that he has been watched over.  That all of the prayers (thank you so much) and beautiful priesthood blessings have been honored. I am sure he has been blessed, more than we realize.  We can be patient while we figure this out.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and I will trust in our loving Heavenly Father even though I don't understand.

At least I know that they were wrong--he is NOT permanently in SVT for sure.  His little heart may have some issues but there is now a very real possibility that he could heal and outgrow it completely.  We hope that is the case, but if not, it is still very comforting that he has a team of Drs working to figure it out.  He gets to go back to almost normal activity and I am not going to let myself worry.  It is quite mind boggling that he had instruments go into his heart through veins/arteries in his neck and both legs just yesterday and yet today he is up and around.  Some soreness and small bandages is all he has to show for the ordeal!   Crazy.  Modern medicine is truly a wonder!

He was excited to get to go home today--just in time to watch the big SEC Championship game with his brothers who he missed so much!  I can't tell you how many times he told us that he wished his brothers were there with him! Life is better with brothers around in his opinion:) 

Once again THANK YOU for caring about us during this stressful time.  We love you all so much.  Your prayers and loving concern were a HUGE blessing to our family!

Now hopefully we are done with drama--and I can go back to posting about boring but happy day to day life!  


Jessie said...

So, so frustrating. I'm sorry. Have they mentioned attempting the ablation again in the future?

The Mecham Family said...

I am so sorry to hear you had a bit of a frustrating pause in your little man's journey. :( Thank you for sharing the story and giving strength to us all, as we face the trials we are given. :)

Mindy said...

Oh, that made me teary eyed. Especially the part about sending him off all alone to surgery. That requires a lot of faith as a mother. Man I love that little man! Give Bridger a big hug and kiss from Aunt Mindy. Then have him give one to you from Aunt Mindy. I love you, sis!

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