Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandma is in the House

**Just catching up before I start 2013:)

I got a couple of early Christmas gifts this silly "baby boy" and my Mother in law is here.  I am very lucky to have the best Mother in law ever, seriously:) I am so happy she came for Christmas.

She likes to check the boys height against her and compare it to the pictures from last time (she keeps pictures on her phone for years:)    
 I still can't believe my big tall husband has such a cute tiny Momma.
Next time I will have those two stand back to back--what a difference that would be!
TJ is finally taller than Grandma!
Coleman is working on it:)
 It was so fun to have these two here for Christmas!!  
We love you Grandma and Deloy--thanks for coming to see us!

On of my favorite parts of her visit...while the boys watched football on Christmas afternoon , we snuck out for a little girl time, just the two of us.  We went to see Les Miserables.  It was so fun!

Have you seen it?  What did you think?
We both agreed that the music and acting was FANTASTIC--beautiful, emotional --simply amazing!

BUT we thought that they could have left some of the raunchy stuff out.  I know that is part of the story and the reality of the misery of that time, but they just took it too far in my opinion.
Sad, but true:(

I really don't think my boys would like the musical too much, but I did order this movie (which I love--and is super cheap here)

 Now I am trying to decide which soundtrack I should get--I have been humming the songs ever since:)
What Les Miserables soundtrack is your favorite??


Jeanelle said...

I love the 10th anniversary concert version of the's truly the best. Colm Wilkinson (who played the Bishop in the movie) is the one who originated Jean Valjean in London and on Broadway and he's in this cast. His voice is incredible. Another fun fact - Eponine is played by Lea Salonga who is the voice of Jasmine from Aladdin. ;) I have like 3 versions of the soundtrack but the 10th anniversary concert is the very very best.

Erin said...

Love the pictures! Fun tradition to compare heights with Grandma every year. :) Can't believe TJ is so tall. That is simply crazy.
As for Les Miserables, Jed and I thought it was a MASTERPIECE. Seriously, we loved it. I have seen it on Broadway and I confess that I liked the movie even better - you could see the emotions on their faces - up close and so personal. It was deeply moving and absolutely inspiring. Since I have seen it on Broadway I knew ahead of time that there would be some raunchy content, but I closed my eyes and plugged my ears during Fantine's low scene because I can't bear the horrror/degradation of it. As for the Master of the House scene, I was actually pleasantly surprised it was not more raunchy, because the Broadway was, in my opinion. More than anything, they are just so silly you can't take them seriously. As for their non-professional voices, I thought they were great and they did not detract from the movie. I could go on and on about how much I loved the cast, etc... But I'll refrain. :) Anyway, I'd love to talk about it. I thought it was amazing and I want to see it in the theater again!

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