Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Special family Home Evening Guest

 The week before Christmas we were having our usual 'Family Home Evening' like we do every Monday night.  This time TJ was in charge...he was teaching us about Shepherds and serving others.
 Everyone was listening ...well most of the time!
 Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge to have a serious conversation with these guys, but we try!

We were just finishing up when we heard a knock at the door.  The boys all jumped up to see who it was and to everyone's shock and amazement it was...
 Mr and Mrs Claus!

 He just happened to be in the neighborhood and our trusty Elf on the Shelf, Skittles told him that the boys were being extra good so he decided to stop by for a little visit.

 What a sweet treat!  We felt very lucky!

 Coleman took this opportunity to let Santa know that his beloved Ipod touch was no longer working.  He wanted to let Santa take it with him and maybe have the elves fix for him.  This boy is very precocious, I tell you!

These guys were happy!
Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Claus--we sure do love you around here!

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