Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heartfelt thoughts on an ordinary day

Scenes like this make me happy.  My boys all piled together laughing and goofing off is music to my ears!  They are loud and messy but my goodness, I am so glad they are mine!

Sometimes, my heart aches just thinking how quickly they are growing up and how short my time is to prepare them for life outside our nest:)
  Do they feel cherished and loved?  Am I reminding them of who they really are... the noble birthright they have as sons of God?  Have I taught them to trust the Lord with all their heart and depend on Him, especially when times are tough?  To find joy in serving others?  Have I instilled in them a determination to do what is right and have integrity?  
Do they understand the power of a grateful heart and that everyday they can choose happiness?

And the list goes on and on in my much I want to teach them!

I pray that on these ordinary days I will remember how extraordinary this work of Mothering really is. 


Jan S said...

I loved reading about your favorites, Melanie. And just loved the pictures at the boys on the tramp. I miss you all so much!

Melanie Anne said...

We miss you too Mom!! xoxoxo

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