Wednesday, February 20, 2013

8 o'clock at my house

 Just a typical evening around here...wrestling, muscle flexing and YES!! even reading:)  After yesterdays post you probably wondered! Electronics really aren't too much of a problem all the time, but there are those days when I can't seem to break the pull of the screen (any screen--it's like siren) on my children!  This past Monday with no school, just happened to be one of those kind of days--grr!  Thank you so much for your fabulous ideas! I am going to use them!

And it seems that someone is always working on a project these days. Don't you love how they never use the desk in their room--instead opting to spread the mess somewhere in the thick of things:!   To be honest, I am happy that my boys prefer to be together instead of holed up in their rooms all by themselves.  I'll take the tripping hazard any day over that:)

Good times...
but even better, well maybe not better, but definitely a needed break, was 9 o'clock
when boys were tucked into bed  (at least the 3 little ones were:)
and I was finally able to finish the season finale of Downton Abby with a bowl of smart pop. Yum!
 Have you watched it yet?
 What did you think?  I am still kind of mad/sad!


Jodi said...

Love that show. I watched the season finale last night with some of my girlfriends. We were all shocked, sad, mad . . .dang it, why did they have to have him die?!?!?!

Melanie Anne said...

I love it to--but darn it WHY to they keep killing off the characters i love?! Now there will be 2 sad lonely single parents in the household--ugh!! Maybe he wasn't really dead--what do you think? What a cliff hanger!

Brittany said...

fabulous pictures!!! Loved it! The chaos and fun is a treasure, you're right about that. The worst would be kids holed up in their rooms not wanting to be with the family. THanks again for pointing out the positive, sis!!

Brittany said...

btw, all I have left is the season finale of DA... I'm a little apprehensive though. I don't know who dies but everyone is so mad...

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