Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Losing Battle?

I think I may be a bit old fashioned, but I really don't like to see my children constantly on electronic devices.  I started weekly library visits to try and foster a love for reading and look what happens...they ignore the books and make a bee line for the computers!  AUGH!
I know that technology is a blessing and I do embrace it--I am a blogger for heavens sake, but  I just can't help the fact that I really want my little boys to want to spend the majority of their time off electronics.  Running around outside, playing games together, putting together puzzles, being creative with their legos or super hero action figures, coloring pictures...you know what I mean or do I just sound crazy?
First off, I have tried to set a good example.  I try to return emails or write posts when they are in bed or at school. I hope that helps a little, but so far they still prefer screen time more than anything else!
How do you control electronics with your kids?
I need some advice, please!


Susan said...

Hi Melanie! I am so struggling with this same issue with our 7 year old! 7!! I believe that the key to it - like the key to EVERYTHING is balance. I believe that as long as we are responsible about what we let them play and how long - then technology and their familiarity with it can enhance our kid's lives. They are growing up in the age of technology so they need to be competent and comfortable with it. That said - we take our outside time very seriously - we turn it all OFF and head outdoors for a game of catch, tether ball, yard work or a trip to the park.

Heather said...

Maybe they have to read a certain amount of time to get some screen time? My 5 year old would play video games all day if I let him! I try not to even have it as an option unless he asks or we have all of our stuff done. Then I set the timer and that's that. I am not much of a tv person so that helps. We listen to music more.

Anonymous said...

We had a FHE lesson about the good and the bad of technology -- Elder Bednars talk "Things as they really are" is awesome -- then had the kids come up with the rules for technology - what they came up with was way more stringent than we would have given -- has worked for us.

Good Luck!

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks for the thoughts ladies! Such good ideas! And Deb your idea of having the kids come up with their own technology rules is brilliant! THANK YOU all:) xo

Anonymous said...

Limiting technology at home is frustrating. I do it by not putting kid games on my i phone or i pad, not having a WE or other game system. If they want to play games, they can play on our old computer and swap a tv show for a half hour of playing on the computer. I limit the amount of time on the computer when the kids are with me. I make a lot of effort to get them outside to play, go on hikes, and go to the park. Good luck, it's a tough battle that all of us moms face.

Tasha L. said...

I really loved this article in the Ensign magazine. It gave me some great ideas for limiting screen time.


Melanie Anne said...

Bless you!! Thank you so much for that excellent article:)

Brittany said...

oh my Mel, first off you are not crazy! Have you read that book you borrowed from me yet? Simplicity Parenting? totally changed my view about screen time. Anyway, I don't have any tips in particular, esp for older kids, but I notice the more my little ones watch, the more they want it... and the more whiny they are!! Days when we don't turn on the tv at all, everyone seems to be much happier. I believe that while technology is a blessing, screen time is not good for children. Even "educational" shows or programs can't come close to face to face learning and interacting. I know you feel the same, I don't know why I'm going on, ha! ;)

Melanie Anne said...

Such a good reminder Britt--so I am glad you went on:) And Yes I have loved that book so far--I am still reading it. Thank you sis! xoxo

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