Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Decorating a Teenage Boys Room--augh!

I don't know why it is so hard to make a teenage boys room look nice, but it is, trust me!
This room doubles as our guest room when needed--so I really wanted it to look inviting, you know?

I searched hi and low to get just the right bedding that would please him and me.  After months of trying, I think I am finally happy with the results and so is my boy--phew!

To start with the poor guy gets to have our old guest room furniture acquired long before we had ALL boys.  We thought this beautiful white furniture would be perfect for our future daughter and nice for a guest room until then.  Who knew that we would end up with a crew made exclusively of boys! Ha!
It is a little hard to work with for a boy, but I think I made it manly enough, don't you think?

Where I got it:
'Rush the Field' Wall Mural:  PB Teen
Gray microsuede bedding:  Target
Navy Euro Pillows:  Ralph Lauren (on clearance-yay!) at my local Home Goods
Striped Pillow:  Ralph Lauren at my local Home Goods

Now on to the rest of the room...window treatment?  Hmmm??

Maybe a gallery wrapped canvas of this on the wall:

or maybe this one would be "cooler":

Have you had a picture done in the gallery wrapped canvas?
If you have where is the best place to do it?  
Any advice would be very appreciated:)


Brittany said...

Cute room! Love the "rush the field" picture! I recently ordered a canvas picture from M Pix and was really pleased with the quality. Here is the link if you're interested:


Jeanelle said...

I love the black and white of just the brothers...that looks more "guy's room" instead of the whole family? You're doing great - I think it looks really nice.

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks Jeanelle:) and I think you are right--the black and white one dose look more manly!

Rebecca said...

I agree--use the b&w of the brothers.

But I have the opposite--5 daughters, no sons--so I'm not any help when it comes to decorating for the guys!

Anonymous said...

the room looks great!
Costco does a good job with the gallery wrapped photos -- very reasonable too!

Jessica said...

I was just logging on to mention Mpix too. My photographer friend recommended them and I was pleased with the price and quality of my prints.

Anonymous said...

This is Bianca- I like the room! I vote the black and white is way more manly. You could paint the night stand in a teenage boy friendly color, like red, for a pop of color. But then your furniture set wouldn't match anymore. But I say go for it!

Melanie Anne said...

Hey girl:) You may be on to something there Thanks for the idea:)

Jan S said...

I love the way you have fixed up that room. I guess we better come out and turn it into a guest room again. Sure miss you!

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