Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yummies for my family--Instagram style

I love providing delicious food for my family.
This simply makes us all very happy!

The other day, I baked cookies for TJ's Spanish class party--and extras for later, of course!  
I now have a nice big bag in the freezer just waiting for when they are needed... early in the morning to pop into 5 sack lunches... to quickly defrost for a Friday night movie...or sweet mid day treat... oh the possibilities are endless:)

And just look at that bowl of fresh strawberries...all washed and ready for hungry boys soon-to-be-home-from-school.  They will be gone in no time! 

 Feeding good food to the people you love is a beautiful thing! 

These are just two of the pictures I posted on Instagram recently.
  It is so fun!
Are you  an Instagram-er too? 
If so lets be instagram account is melandboys (of course) 
 I am pretty new to instagram, but I am lovin' it!


Twisted Chicken said...

I am new to Instagram, too. So far I think it's pretty fun! My account is twistedchicken
I want to dive in to that bowl of strawberries!

Melanie Anne said...

Twisted Chicken,
what a fun name! I will look you up:) xo

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious. Is the recipe posted on your Sister's Cafe recipe blog?

Melanie Anne said...

No I don't have that recipe on The Sisters Cafe yet-- but I will post it soon! It is a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I tried using coconut oil instead of shortening in the recipe and worked out perfectly!! I was so happy to find a healthy alternative to the horrible-for- you shortening:)

Melanie Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks Melanie. I can't wait until you post it. Love oatmeal in cookies. I have not tried coconut oil. Just FYI, Spectrum Organics and Earth Balance both make a non-hydrogenated shortening. I buy them at my local Whole Foods, if you have one near you.

Melanie Anne said...

That is good to know! I will have to try that kind of shortening ! That would make me feel much better:)

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