Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Happy Happy Happy"

Just a few simple things that are making me happy:
Going on a long walk with these inspiring talks on my ipod, warm sun shining down, birds chirping--makes me"happy happy happy" I tell you!   Yes I admit I am quoting Duck Dynasty--it;s my kids fault they  are loving that show right now and it is contagious--"Jack"! 

#2  A Metal free smile
Connor got his braces off!
This is a happy day for both of us.  I no longer have to constantly nag  gently remind him not to eat certain foods, to wear his rubber bands (and to pick them up all over the kitchen and bathroom) and to brush/ floss better anymore! yipee!

#3  My jeans are looser and I have more energy thanks to this app:
My Fitness Pal.--simple to use, and free with no strings attached
I do not believe in dieting --it just makes me stressed, unhappy and fatter
BUT, I do believe in being healthy and taking care of my greatest blessing--my body.
This app makes it easy and has opened my eyes to calories in, calories out.
I love it!  Are you a fan of this app too?

Don't laugh at the next one--but hey--you can eat yummy food and still be healthy --its true!:)
Deprivation is just sad, moderation is the key here

#4  Strawberry Shortcake

With real whipped cream--seriously yummy!
This was our family home evening treat recently.  Berries are so good right now.
It made me think of this cake--I have to come up with an excuse to make it soon. 

#5  My tulips are coming up--yeah!

I love Spring and hope she will get here soon!
 I think I am going to get out all my Spring decor today and possibly even plant some pansies--to help hurry her along:)

What is on your happy list today?


Brittany said...

what a fun and uplifting post Mel. Boy am I jealous of the sunshine and tulips. It does not feel like spring at all here in Seattle. It won't until June! But I'm so glad that things are warming up for you guys in the south. :)Connor looks wonderful - woohoo! I bet that's relief for him to have his braces off finally. THat dessert looks perfect, btw. I have a pound cake in the freezer... now I know what to do with it!

Melanie Anne said...

hey Britt!! Yes go make Some strawberry shortcake--YUM! You can probably get some wonderful berries at Pike Place Market. I had so much fun there with you! i am dying to go back:) xoxo

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