Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Preparation for a Good Morning

Recently my mornings have been looking like this...
Yikes, I am sure your house never looks like that right?!
Our mornings have been super crazy lately and by the time the boys leave the house it looks like a bomb went off.!  I decided things needed to change or this Mother may go insane!

Coleman is such a good example in this area.  Every night when I tuck him in, I have to be careful not to trip on this "boy" on the floor.

He carefully lays out everything he needs for school and sometimes there is even a little list of very important reminders for himself. when he wakes up:
( White bread?!  LOL  I don't normally have white bread in the house.  I guess he wanted to make sure that he got that little treat in his lunch the next day! )

My Goals for a better morning...
the night before:
*Put my house to bed--in other words make sure my house is in order.  It is so much better to start the day with a clean slate
*Plan breakfasts and post them with my dinners on our family command center.  I have run into the trouble of asking the boys what they want and I get 3-5 different responses!  Then my kitchen is destroyed and I am nutty trying to fulfill all those different requests:)  What was I thinking, silly Mom!
*Start the process of the 5 lunches before I hit the sack.  
*Lay out my clothes for the next day and help the little boys do the same
*Look over my day and calendar.  They maybe I won't have as many surprises thrown at me as we are trying to get out the door--"I need a field trip check  or Where is my library book" etc

Wish me I luck, I need it:)
What do you do to help your mornings run better?  Do you have any brilliant ideas that work in your home?
If so, please share!!


Heather said...

band aid. that's awesome.=) what a cutie! My kitchen looks like that every morning. It's partly inevitable, I think. But I do have my kids make their own lunches before bed. Teaches responsiblity and takes another load off of me. I figure my responsibility is to teach them how to do stuff and their responsibility is to do stuff!=)

Melanie Anne said...

Heather. You are a smart Momma! Having the boys pack their lunches is a great idea! Although, my boys may end with just chips and a fruit snack or whatever junk food they can find around the house, if left to their own devices! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love the little "boy" on the floor. That is the cutest thing ever. I do pack all of my boys' lunch stuff the night before, except the sandwiches. I really like to make them fresh. My biggest tip is that I get up a bit earlier than everyone else. I putter around with one light on, make my tea, finish the lunches, start up my computer, organize things, etc. It eases me into the morning rather than have me race out of bed at the last minute in the morning. I do love to clean up the house the night before, too. I love the picture of your kitchen. You are a busy, great mom!


Tina said...

So I guess misery loves company because it actually warmed my heart to see your kitchen look a lot like mine many a morning! I too like to clean up everything the night before, and then when the kids leave it looks like a cyclone hit. I've been trying to slow down the morning routine so it doesn't feel so chaotic. We get up just a bit earlier, prep backpacks and lunches the night before. I like my lists so I know what I need to accomplish. When my daughter was younger she used to lay out her clothes just like Coleman. She would even put the clothes in "athletic" positions just like she was playing on the playground. I miss those stages of a young child's life! Good luck, your a great mom, and I love your blog!

Brittany said...

Oh goodness I have no advice. Didn't you know that everything I know I learned from watching you? :) SO you figure it out and then when I get to that stage I'll glean from all you learned, haha! My kitchen looks like that most mornings too and all I have is one little kindergartener... so in other words I have no excuse! You're right though about being more organized and planning ahead better. It really makes a difference on how your day goes. Good luck sis! Btw I loved hearing about how Coley sets out his clothes and list the night before - love that kid!!

PixieGirl said...

My solution...pony tail, sweats, no shower-ha! I mean really it seems like it's often a choice between clean house or clean me:P

Melanie Anne said...

Great Idea Pixie girl!! so true some days:)

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