Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Fun

Did you have a good weekend?
I hope so! 
Ours started out with Daddy home from a bussiness trip--hurrah!
I am especially happy because this marks the end of the constant traveling that happens every January-February with his position.  Now we will go back to a once a month trip, instead of weekly.

On Saturday we had a birthday party at the Children's Museum.
It was super fun!  Thank you Cullen--and Happy Birthday!!

Bridger ran off with friends-- so Cannon and I were little buddies:)

We ended up being pulled into a cooking demonstration--Mini Vegetable pies.
It was so fun!

A little creation out of the leftover pie crust:)

Cannon now offers to make pies for our dinner every night.  He was so proud of himself and his new found cooking skills!
I am thinking of getting a mini pie maker so he can--it would be fun!
I am looking at this one.
Do you have one?  

1 comment:

Brittany said...

darling post! Cannon looks so sweet. It's so funny how old he and Gabe are getting - a little sad but fun too. That museum looks really fun! AND I love how Cannon is into making pies now - cool! I have never heard of a mini pie maker but now I'm curious...

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