Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Monday (2 week menu--yay!)

Yesterday, I filled out this menu planner.  Print it off for free here.
I drew a line down the middle of each day and planned two weeks at once.
I am feeling pretty good about my two week menu plan and grocery list.  
I plan on going shopping today and I am going to see how everything lasts for 2 weeks, although I really don't mind stopping at the grocery store once a week for perishables, like produce.
Does anyone plan 2 weeks in advance?  How does it go for you?

Also- I now pick themes to guide my planning:
Tuesday--Italian / Indian
Wednesday--Fish / Meatless
Friday--Leftovers (date night Mom and Dad)
Saturday--Pizza Night

Also--the sides listed are not set in stone.  I do like to serve at least one veggie and one fruit with most of our dinners.  My goal is to fill my boys up with nutritious fresh food and make dinner a happy time.  With that in mind, I try to have at least one or two things each person likes on the dinner table.  I will see what looks good at the store and what is on sale/ in season when it comes to sides.

As you know, most recipe I use are on The Sisters Cafe.  If you can't find--let me know and will be happy to share the link or the recipe:)  And please by all means share you menus and/or favorite recipes with me!  I am always looking for new ideas!!

Two Week Menu plan
Monday:  Beans and Rice, spinach salad, pretzel rolls
Tuesday:  Thai Peanut Chicken, grapes, broccoli
Wednesday:  Salmon, sweet potatoes, green salad with berries, rolls
Thursday:  Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice, green beans, apple slices
Friday:  Leftovers
Saturday:  BBQ Chicken Pizza, salad, grapes
Sunday: Baked Pasta, quick and easy baguette, Caesar salad

Monday:  Chili from freezer, bread sticks
Tuesday:  Massamon Curry, rice, zucchini, orange slices
Wednesday:  Minestrone Soup, muffins or paninis
Thursday:  Burrito Bowls, guacamole, chips and salsa, apple slices
Friday:  Leftovers
Saturday:  Calzones, salad, carrot sticks, grapes
Sunday:  Pot Roast, Potatoes, salad, broccoli, rolls


Heather said...

I just started doing 2 week menu plans last month. so much easier and cheaper! My kids are 7,5,3, and 10 months. going to the store is not an easy task, so every 2 weeks takes lots of stress off of me! It's slim pickins at the end o the 2 weeks but we use pretty much everything and nothing wasted.

Melanie Anne said...

Hey Heather,
Good to know that it works for you:) So far so good! Although with no babies at home anymore, it is much easier for me to run to the store real quick. I remember the days when it wasn't though:) You are smart to keep it to a minimum!!

Twisted Chicken said...

I've been planning 2-week menus since November and it has really been great. I attended a Relief Society class where a sister showed how she did her menu planning and it made sense to me. I immediately tried it and have been very happy with it. My grocery bill has been less because I go shopping with a full plan and I go less often. I have a better handle on what I have in my pantry and buy less duplicates. I am rotating my food better because I'm paying more attention to what I have and how I can use it. The biggest blessing is we are eating more home-cooked meals because I've planned it out. No more--I don't know what to make so let's eat out. 2-week menu planning has been much more effective and manageable for me than 1-week menu planning ever was.

Melanie Anne said...

Twisted Chicken,
That is what I am hoping for---less groecry store stops, less money spent, and better use of what i do have:) Thanks for sharing!

Michelle C. said...


I want to try your massaman curry recipe. I can't find it on Sisters Cafe. Help!


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