Monday, March 4, 2013

Instagrams and a To Do List

 Basketball at the church gym--it was too cold here to play outside! Seriously freezing--I guess we are turning into wimpy Southerners!
We had two games going--big boys on one half the court and a younger group on the other side.

 Cannon celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday on friday at school.
On Saturday I found him in the family room proudly wearing his hat and reading The Cat in the Hat to Daddy who was sick with a bad cold.
 Goofy seussical behavior followed:)
By the way we are making some changes in our family room--what do you think about Smart TVs?  Do you have one?   Do you like it?  If so which brand? 

Saturday night Pizza delivered--yum!
Call me crazy, but I think pizza is best with fresh spinach on top.

Do you play Ticket to Ride?

It is the same maker as another one of our favorite games, Settlers.
Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Monday To Do List:
*Register for BYU Women's Conference--I am so excited!  Are you going too?
*Order this case and keyboard for my ipad.  I am hoping I will be able to use it more like a laptop now.
*Recover my home from the weekend--tidy. vacuum, shine!
*Make a new 2 week menu plan--I will post it when I am done if you'd like
*  Read my scriptures--working my way through the Old Testament.  Loving this book and this one as I go.
*Go for a long walk/jog
*Plan our Family Home Evening lesson

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

love the games! Have you tried Colosseum by Days of Wonder -- if you love Settlers and ticket to ride you'll love it!

Brittany said...

golly that's a good list... it's sad that my list of to dos is usually just one or two items - any more and it just doesn't get done! Loved all the pictures - are you on instagram then? I heard its pretty cool. seeing that game made me homesick... I really miss playing games with my family. And what a good idea to put spinach on your pizza... it actually looks really good!

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