Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raw Energy

Lately I have been trying to be more careful about my snacks--choosing whole foods instead of the empty calorie, processed stuff that seems to be so easily accessible these days
Recently I found my myself browsing the health isle during our weekly library trip.
I ended up coming home with this little gem:

A few things I learned (or at least was reminded of) from this good read:
*The nutrient energy derived from the foods consumed in our daily diets shapes, forms and drives all systems within our bodies.
*The quality of food consumed is the catalyst that affects one of these end results:  a body exhibiting radiant health, beauty and vitality; a body coasting along through life with mediocre health, appearance, and energy levels; or a body suffering with disease, discomfort, and exhaustion.
*Did you know that raw foods maintain their naturally occurring enzymes, which typically make them easier on the digestive system than cooked?
*Raw snacks meet your body's nutrient quota, trigger your natural appetite-regulating hormones and won't leave you wanting more.

Some of my favorite Raw Snacks:
+Pear or apple with a small handful of almonds
+Celery stick stuffed with some almond or peanut butter
+Cut up carrots and cucumbers with some guacamole for dip
+Fresh blackberries or blueberries with walnuts
+Banana with almond or peanut butter down the middle
+veggies with hummus
+small handful of nuts and dried fruit

Really the possibilities are endless and so very tasty.  I must say it feels great to have a mid afternoon snack of nutrient dense raw food.  Yum!
Now I just need to convince my boys to join me:)

Do you have a favorite raw snack?

1 comment:

Brittany said...

ok you inspired me to go get a healthy snack... I'm starving and I tend to get the quick-fix stuff.

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