Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Larry

We have this beautiful (and somewhat crazy) cardinal that the boys have named Larry after this other Cardinal that hangs out upstairs in Connor's room:

This little bird comes in the morning and stays until dark the last few days.  He sits on the ledge outside our dining room windows and peers in all day, flapping and banging at the window.  

Isn't that crazy? 
The boys LOVE watching his antics.

First thing this morning they heard him at it again and I had little bed heads enjoying the show:

He is even getting comfortable with the boys standing close to the window as long as they stay still.

I may have to reward our little Larry with some bird seed for all this entertainment!

We sure love our crazy cardinal:)


Julia said...

Cardinals are territorial and males will fight their image in windows. You can put stickers or something to block his reflection if you want or enjoy his show as long as he's not hurting himself or your window!

One time I actually saw a male cardinal feed a female cardinal. I had never seen that before (or since).

Melanie Anne said...

that is what I was thinking--that maybe he was protecting his turf from that other good looking bird he sees in the reflection:) Poor guy--how exhausting. He doesn't seem to mad though--just seems like he is goofing around. So funny!

Brittany said...

that is so funny! poor little guy wasting all that energy on fighting himself, haha! ;) It's a beautiful bird though... wow how fun to see up close!

Erin said...

Wow, that is so crazy. Very interesting info from Julia. What a fun show, though. I love cardinals. The cardinal chirp is the ONLY bird call that I recognize immediately. I used to have them all the time at our feeder in Missouri. I hardly ever see them in my neighborhood in Michigan. How fun that you have one every day. :) Poor guy, though. I wonder when he will just throw in the towel with the intruder he sees. :)

Melanie Anne said...

How funny I do not know what his bird call sounds like...I will have to try and pay extra attention. All I hear his all the banging on my window:)

Erka said...

Mine is a cardinal too I think, and he faithfully comes back almost everyday! Only his front is red, the rest sort of white and brown, and he only charges at the window during the morning and early afternoon, then towards the end of the day he just sings crazy loud, I think we should name ours too!

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