Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just a little request...

My latest instagram  (follow @ melandboys)...deciphering a clue for a treasure hunt for Family Home Evening.
Thanks to Grammy for the kit and to Connor for setting it up.
Such a fun time.

Ok now for my request... calling all Dr Moms out there...

My 10 year old has had abdominal pain since December, no joke. He has lost about 5 pounds since then, which is just not good for a growing boy!  He is definitely suffering from some sort of indigestion, gas, and heart burn,,,,but why?!   I have taken him to the Dr lots of times.  We have done an xray, ultrasound, blood work and can find no answers.  Everything came back fine except the xray done at a walk in clinic showed gas.  That is when I took him into our pediatrician.  
He is currently taking Prevacid and a probiotic for the last 2 weeks with not much relief.  He will seem somewhat better one day, but worse the next.  It never goes away though. So strange, huh?!  
I am currently trying to get in to see a GI specialists, but in the mean time I am looking for answers myself.
He is miserable today and it makes me sad:(
Has anyone out there had a child go through something like this?  Could it be a food allergy?
I have been limiting foods that are obviously bad for heartburn, but it really is challenging to monitor a 10 years olds eating, you know?!
Any ideas for me?
Thank you my dears!!


Cole and Paige Barnett said...

I have no idea! quite a few people we know have recently been diagnosed with celiac. It took a while for some of them to be diagnosed as it can flare differently with different foods.
Would you like to try some gluten free recipes?

Unknown said...

funny - my first thought was celiac as well -- my daughter's best friend has it and the stomach aches were horrible until she got figured out what she could and couldn't eat (she was not growing either)-- she does well now - just occasional flare ups.

Good Luck!

Linda Carrion said...

Oh my - same here I immediately thought of celiac disease but I am certainly no doctor. Prayers your way that you can get it figured out and he gets some relief...soon!

colleen said...

i would agree with the celiac disease or at least gluten intolerence. just remember that even if a celiac test comes back negative doesn't mean they don't have a problem with gluten. i would suggest going gluten free for a month and see how that goes. I had major stomach pain, diarhea, gas, headache, contipation, bloating, and rashes. my celiac test came back negative but my docotor still beleive i have it. so i went gluten free. a week later the rash went away and my stomach problems started to go away. i am now grain free as well and that has helped even more. have you tried removing dariy as well? i had to do that for the first year to help my villi in the intestines heal. now i can do butter and a little cheese. have you looked into the paleo/primal lifestyle? it is not a fad and can help so much. also check the foodmap diet. you start with a elimination diet for a month and then start adding back in food to see how you respond to them. there a lot of people with food allergies and they just don't know it. let me know if you have any questions. all i know is that changed my diet and feel so much better. my doctor is amazed. plus i don't have to take meds.

Tasha L. said...
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Tasha L. said...

I would find a good naturopathic physician and have him tested there. Ask anyone you know who uses natural therapies if they have any recommendations. You could try an elimination diet, but that might be hard for a little guy.

Melanie Anne said...

oh thank you thank you thank you my dear sweet bogging friends!! I really appreciate your feedback!!

Anonymous said...

What about a dairy intolerance? Can you go paleo for a week or two and see how he feels?

kristi lee said...

Kooper has had issues FOREVER with this. Sometimes doubled over in pain and tears. It is so hard to see them suffering and not know what to do. He has been tested for everything. Done elimination diets, yada yada. We went back to the Peds GI a few months ago to regroup cause the flair ups were bad and frequent. He said that dairy intolerance was extremely rare for a white male (I was convinced this was his problem). He said it was attributed more to too much fat in the diet...which was frustrating because we eat a low fat diet. BUT he said too much milk, cheese, peanut butter...foods Koop loves will contribute to the problem of C.R.A.P (yes, laugh!)...cronic accute abdominal pain. He said also certain personalities contribute more to the problem...ones who worry, get nervous before sports, want to be perfect at something adds to the flair ups (similar to IBS).

Koop went on a pill to relax his intestines for 1 week and then if he is feeling a bad day come on, stomach wise, he takes a pill as needed. I think I have given him only 2 or 3 in the last several months.

So, this is a long response...I just pay better attention to his diet. We switched down to skim milk, limit pb, get calcium from other sources than dairy, and he's supposed to drink TONS of water. Like 32 oz a day which can be a challenge...that's not total liquid but straight up water in addition to anything else he wants to drink.

Good luck, friend. We've spent many family fasts and prayers over this issue as I'm sure you have as well.

kristi lee said...

I remembered incorrectly on the thing that most white males do not have...not dairy intolerance (that could be a real issue or one of his "trigger" foods) but being lactose intolerant was what the doctor said would be rare for a boy of his race. More common in other ethnic groups.

Amy Johnson said...

We've had something very similar going on and it was the GI specialist who determined it was esinophillic esophagitis. It's basically an unusual response to a food allergy. Cutting out the problem food has eliminated our issues as well as a short time one medication. Good luck!

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