Friday, March 15, 2013

Tummy Troubles

After our appointment with a GI specialist yesterday we stopped at Panera Bread for a lunch with my boy.  He wanted a cinnamon crunch bagel and I suggested chicken soup (just posted about the health benefits of chicken stock here)--and no he did not have those chips (that just came with the lunch and we saved them for his brothers who aren't suffering with heartburn).
First of all, thank you so much for the comments and emails with suggestions for my hurting boy.  Many of you thought it sounded like Celiac Disease, which the Dr did draw blood to test for, but after a long interview meeting and exam he felt Coleman has IBS (irritable bowl syndrome)  The Dr explained that it seems he fits the profile and the timing.  It was telling that all his trouble started right after Bridger got our of the ICU a few months back.  I felt like we handled it well and were not overly stressed as a family, but the Dr says it is still a very stressful situation anytime you have a loved one in the ICU. Coleman is a very sensitive soul and the anxiety and worry exhibited itself in his abdominal troubles.   Then it became a vicious cycle, of pain and then the worry about the pain, making more pain etc.  Poor guy.  The medicine the pediatrician had prescribed just wasn't strong enough to heal the problem. We now have the right medicines that should help and I know having a diagnosis will cut down the worry (for him and me).    We are also going to work on managing our worry and or stress before it gets the best of us.  I am excited to have my sweet happy go lucky boy back soon!

( another little lunch date prior to all the tummy trouble)

I was also so happy to be reminded of essential oils by a very sweet person who emailed me after reading my request for help.  Her little boy had struggled with similar tummy troubles and she wrote how all the tests done at the pediatricians office were inconclusive too.  She said that using this oil and this one helped him considerably. I was reminded of my dear friend Karen, the most lovely neighbor I had for a few years.  She used essential oils with great success.  I figure it was worth a try and the one-on-one nurturing time of rubbing them and talking together each night will be great medicine, don't you think? 

I believe that the effects of love and nurturing are powerful and I am so happy that as a Mother I have so many opportunities to do just that!

Have a wonderful weekend!


colleen said...

I am glad you are working on figuring it all out. just thought i would mention an additive called carageenan can cause gastro inflammation. no good if you have ibs or any other autoimmune problems. It's a good idea to look at your food to see if it has been added. good luck with everything

Brittany said...

Oh Mel I am so relieved that you got into a gi specialist and he was able to pinpoint the problem. Poor little coleman! (he wouldn't appreciate being called "little" I'm sure... sorry if you read this COleman! :) He will still be in our prayers - love you guys so much.

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