Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter in Pictures

 Saturday Morning bright and early...

Easter Bunny was here...

and our very own little bunny Charlotte

Then we were off to the park to play, when lo and behold the Police station was hosting an easter egg hunt!  Just what we needed...more candy:)

These kids ended up with SO MUCH CANDY!  Goodness!

Look who made an appearance...

The loot!  Isn't my little sister beautiful---and it is not just skin deep.  She is a genuinely kind and good person.  I love her so much--it was such a treat to have her and her darling children here for Easter.  

Easter Sunday--I convinced the gang to pause for a picture before heading off to church.

We had a fantastic weekend. It was SO FUN to have family here to share the holiday with.
Hope your Easter was a happy one too!


Tina said...

I spy a zipper tie on that little guy! What a cute family and how to fun to have your sister visit for Easter!

rebecca said...

I loved going to this post and seeing the Walker family there!!! Erin was one of my favorite people to spend time with when we lived in Kirksville:) Looks like a fun Easter weekend with wonderful family:)

Brittany said...

aaaah, oh my goodness that last picture of your family is so cute - all those ties and white shirts are just to die for! :) I love it! WHat a FUN Easter! I'm just a tiny bit jealous you guys got to spend it together. ;) No, I'm really really happy that you and Erin's families were together for the holiday. What a great time you all had. I LOVE the pictures Eliza - what a darling little sweetheart! Boy I really hope I get to see her this summer. SHe is beautiful! You got some of the cutest pictures of the kids on Easter. THanks for sharing sis!

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