Monday, April 8, 2013

Well, Hello Again

I have missed my daily visits with you:)  
I have to admit, that the last few weeks I have been rather overwhelmed.  As I mentioned our whole family was tested for Celiac disease and guess who else has it?!  Poor little Bridger, the one who is having such heart trouble!  That was sad for me to hear, but not a total shock.  He is my child that inspired this post about dealing with picky eaters.  He really struggles with food and now I know why.  He was my biggest baby at birth (almost 10 pounds) and then just seemed to get thinner and smaller each year.

  I remember when he was about 2 years old,  I was convinced that something was wrong.  I brought him to the pediatrician with my concerns, but was told that he was fine.  I wish I would have pushed harder for an answer to my worries.  I need to trust my Mother's instincts more.  At least we know now.  I am hoping with this diet change we will see some growth and improvement in his health.
We head up to Vanderbilt Hospital for a second try at fixing his little heart this week.  I am praying that it is successful this time!  Thank you again so much for your prayers and concern for him.  We are so grateful!  Hopefully I will have some good news to report in a couple of days:)


Linda Carrion said...

So glad you now have information so that you all can get and stay in a healthy space from a dietary perspective. Prayers continue for little Bridger (and the whole family!).

Brittany said...

absolutely love that picture of Bridger with a big smile holding up his shirt - haha, so cute! He is such a darling. And that baby picture of him brought back sweet memories. What a blessing it was for me to be there for his birth, and others of your boys. that's what sisterhood is about - sharing those precious moments. Anyway, I am SO happy and relieved for you all about how well it went with his surgery. HF loves you Mel and he loves Bridger. He answered the prayers of so many faithful people! I sure love you guys!!

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