Monday, April 22, 2013

Where my Heart Is

 Last week,  was such a blessing  to soak in lots of sun, enjoy beautiful beaches and most of all to rest--which I needed after the last few months!  I felt exhausted from the heart problems, tummy troubles, multiple Celiac diagnosis es, fevers, ear infections, breathing problems, horrible colds, heart surgeries and although I didn't blog about it all, the list seemed to go on and on lately...!  It has been rough at our house!

So, I did simply LOVE ...

the long walks on the beach, listening to this powerful inspiration (seriously good for my soul)...

 staying in a beautiful resort  (so grateful that Brad's company does these wonderful trips and we get to go)

  and especially all the one on one time with my sweet husband (that rarely happens)!

Although, I truly did enjoy the days spent in this beautiful place... 

by the end of the week, 
my heart was longing to be here...

Call me crazy, but home really is my favorite place on Earth!
There is no where I would rather be (well, most of the time--ha ha) than surrounded with these boys of mine!
They have my heart, that's for sure!
It was so fun to see all 5 of them out playing a game of front yard baseball after church Sunday.
Everyone  healthy, happy and rambunctious...Life is good!

Happy Monday!
By the way--we saw the BEST movie this last weekend --I can't wait to tell you about it tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

I was so excited to see these posts because my family is going to the Hard Rock resort in Punta Cana in June. Just paid my final payment today. I have two boys, 13 and 15 so I thought the Hard Rock would be a fun place for them. Do you think it will be good? Any hotel/beach tips to pass on to me? Any great restaurants or duds? Thanks for any help.


Melanie Anne said...

I think your family will have a blast! The beaches are absolutely divine and the pools (all 12 of them I think) are pretty fabulous! Most of he food is just average average, but very plentiful:) My favorite restraunts were Zen the Japanese steakhouse (very entertaining) and the Mexican one--I forgot the name of it. The Sea Bass and the Steak (I think it is called scallop medallions on the menu) were both excellent! I also tried the shrimp fajitas which were good. Be sure to get a fresh coconut (they serve them in the afternoon at the Drums pool with pina colada inside or just the natural coconut water (what I enjoyed). I could tell you more if you are interested:) Just email me at You will have a blast! xo

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