Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Have Gotta see this one...

On Saturday we took TJ out for his 14th birthday. It was so fun to spend some one on one time with our boy.  He is growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it!   He chose lunch at Zaxbys and the movie 42.
He has has been very excited for this film to come out because one of his teachers and her husband (who plays one of Robinson's teammates on the Dodgers) are in the movie!   Part of the movie was filmed right here at the historic Engle Stadium  in downtown Chattanooga!   I am so glad he wanted to see it!
It is the powerful story of the legendary Jackie Robinson , who broke the Major League Baseball's  "color barrier" when he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers with the help of Dodgers General manager and top Executive Branch Rickey a deeply religious man ( played by Harrison Ford--who by the way was brilliant in the role).  Rickey warned Robinson during their first meeting, that he would face harsh criticism and terrible treatment in the league, but that he could not retaliate and/or lose his temper or it would not work.

 As Rickey predicted, Robinson did endure horrible racism from every side as white people, including his own team mates,  tried to keep him from playing.  He showed tremendous courage and determination by standing strong, and not retaliating in any way.  Always a gentleman he did nothing to jeopardize the chances of all the other black athletes that would follow him as he really did break down  barriers..
He fought back on the field, letting his talent and hard work do the talking, eventually winning over his team mates and the fans while silencing his critics! 
I have to admit, I may have teared up several times in the film even though my boys made fun of my sniffles:)
  It was so moving and inspiring.  
We all LOVED it!  This is a movie that we will definitely own!

Have you seen it yet?  You should!

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