Thursday, April 25, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

The other day I saw these beautiful tulips at the store.
I LOVE tulips!
Then I came across this darling 'Thanks a bundt'ch'  cake printable featured on Skip to my Lou, found here
 which I thought would go nicely with the tulips.

So, I had a little fun in my kitchen one afternoon when I should have been catching up my laundry and whipped up some mini cakes from my favorite (seriously yummy) chocolate bundt cake, recipe here.
Much more fun than washing clothes:)

Once they were completely cooled I carefully placed them in little clear plastic cup, poured on a little icing and wrapped them up in a cellophane bag.  I finished them off with some cute ribbon and twine, oh and a spoon:)  I loved they way they turned out!  Perfect for spring!

A sweet way to appreciate our hard working teachers or anyone else that we are grateful for, don't you think?
I may being doing this all again tomorrow! Lately, we have lots of people to thank and I really don't feel like tackling all that laundry that piled up while we were gone!


Tasha L. said...

What a cute idea!

Melanie Anne said...

Thank you Tasha:)

Karen said...

How many mini-cakes did you get from this recipe? What kind of pan did you use?

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Karen,
I used the Demarle mini bundt pans--I don't think you can buy them in stores only from a rep--and they are a little pricey. I know that Pampered chef used to have some--and I am pretty certain that I have seem them in the baking aisle at Target/walmart and cooking stores. Maybe try HOmegoods or TJ maxx
the recipe made about 24 mini bundt cakes:)
Hope that helps!

Melanie Anne said...

by the way I meant that i have seen mini Bundt pans at those stores, but not the demarle brand though:)

Donna said...

Hi Melanie,
When you baked the mini-bundt cakes, how long did you bake them for? I don't see that in the link for the full size bundt cake. Thank you in advance. Donna

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