Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Ready to GO

We had lots of rain this fact I think it rained the WHOLE weekend!
Sunday morning my little boys took getting the paper for Daddy very seriously.
There is something about little boys in PJs and boots that melts my heart!  One of these days I am going to find this old picture of TJ when he was 4 in his cowboy boots and pirate jammies out for a quick bike ride before bed.  It is so funny how certain images can stick in your head so perfectly. 

In other news, I am getting ready to go to Utah for BYU Women's Conference.  I am so excited!
Are you going?  You should if you can!  It is such an inspiring, wonderful experience every year.   I LOVE it!  I am especially excited this year because my sisters and Mom are going with me!  Yeah!

I have so much to do today to get ready. Leaving the boys is a lot of work.  

My To Do List includes:
*Do all the laundry so my boys have clothes to wear while I am gone
*Run to Costco & the grocery store to fully stock the kitchen with easy to prepare meals/lunch stuff
*Write EVERYTHING down for Mr Mom per his request.  Especially gluten free meals--he is nervous about that.
*Pack myself
*Clean my house top to bottom (this is must for me before I leave on trips--kinda weird, especially since it won't stay that way while I am gone with 5 boys running around)
*Plan a fun Wednesday night activity for my sweet Young Women while I am away (my church calling)
*Stop at the mall for some new jeans--this may not happen, but it would be nice:)

Happy Monday everyone!  I am off!

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Brittany said...

Such cute pictures! They totally made me laugh since we get so much rain here and most of the time I'm demanding the kids wear their coats! But on the other hand, they are out playing in rain boots on a sunny day! :) I totally remember that picture of TJ with his pjs and cowboy boots - oh my goodness he was so cute. Why does it feel like yesterday that he was that little?!

I'm sooooooo excited to see you tomorrow Mel... woohoo! I've hardly had time to think about it because I've been so busy with my own do to list (a lot like yours, by the way!) IT's going to be so relaxing and fun. I actually can't even imagine it - we haven't been together without kids EVER!!!! :)

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