Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Our Way


My sisters and I are on our way to BYU for Women's Conference!!
I am so HAPPY!
It was a lot of work to leave my 5 boys--planning on the gluten free meals, plotting the schedule and writing other helpful notes for Mr Mom:)
5 Lunches lined up and ready with little love notes for my sweet boys!
Even though I was so excited to go...I get a little sentimental leaving my boys.

Everytime I call to check in they are doing great without me. I have a feeling when Dad is in charge its a bit of a party! I am glad they are enjoying their boy time, because I am seriously loving my time in Utah with my sisters and getting together with old friends.

Are you going to Women's Conference? I can't wait!




Lisa said...

Is that the new ErinCondren chore chart or calendar? She has a new product out that I was contemplating Her goods are so swoon worthy.

Hope you had a great, fulfilling time and you are extra appreciated on your return.

Brittany said...

that was so much fun to have that time together! You are right about womens conference really filling you up - it was so spiritual and uplifting. And I LOVED being with 2 of my dear sisters and mom. Let's do it again next year... if I can talk Eric into it! ;)

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Lisa,
YES that is the Erin Condren calender on my fridge!! I love it and get one every year:) I love how you can personalize it!

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