Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy to be Home

I am sorry I have neglected this little blog the last week or so! I have been so BUSY BUSY BUSY catching up on my life! I tell you what...being gone so much this last month or so coupled with the end of the year activities is keeping me hopping! I must say though--it is busy in a very happy way! I was delighted to go with my littlest man to the very last kindergarten field trip of the the Chattanooga Zoo!

It was such a blessing to be with these sweet little guys! These two are Cannon's best buds, Aiden and Beau. (both of which are 7....he is still 5. Remember how I agonized about sending him to school this year? I really do know it was the right decision for him and he is thriving, but darn it, his 2 best friends are both more than a year older! Oh well)
It is such a treat to watch your children building friendships and developing relationships with others. It is also so interesting to see the type of personalities they are drawn to. These two little boys were both so nice, good mannered and kind. I think Cannon is pretty good at picking friends! I hope he continues in this trend. I have always felt that it is so important to be a friend to all, but choose your close friends very carefully!
Even now as an adult, I try really hard to surround myself with good friends. People who lift and inspire in some way, you know?!
I think Cannon's favorite part was the petting pen, until I realized he was picking up little poops and trying to feed it to the animals! AUGH! So gross! I didn't want to alarm him as he was kindly trying to give the goats a treat...but I quitely whispered in his ear and let him know. He immediately dropped the contents of chubby little hand in horror and requested that we find a place to wash up. He was so embarrassed and kept saying over and over again how he thought that was their food! He tries so hard to be independent and grown up, that this mistake was quite a setback in his mind, poor guy!
Two days later we found ourselves back at the zoo for a birthday party! Cannon LOVED it and was so happy to show his big brother around, since he was so experienced now in the Chattanooga Zoo adventures.He very matter of fact-ly advised against trying to feed the black round things to the animals, because they are NOT food...but poop he whispered to Bridger. Of course not giving a hint about how he came to that little bit of information.
I love how Cannon is still little enough to proudly wear the monkey hat, while Bridger kindly turned it down. It is so cute watching Bridger slowly take on an older more mature role. At least that is what I try and tell myself! Really I am get a little lump in my throat when I see how grown up he acts! Part of my wants my two youngest boys to stay cute and little forever!

Bridger spotted a cougar on our way out and wanted me to take his picture with it!

I think my boys will be true blue BYU Cougar fans forever! Moving half way across the country hasn't seemed to cool their love at all. Even the little ones are still going strong:) Lol

I feel so blessed to be a Mother.

I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with 5 beautiful boys to love and cherish.

They may be messy and exhausting but they are mine and I love them with all my heart!



Brittany said...

Oh Mel your sentiments at the end really touched my heart. What a loving woman you are. You have created (with Brad of course, ha!) a beautiful family and it's wonderful to see how much joy you find in them. Those pictures and stories of Cannon were just adorable! I was laughing out loud at his embarrassing blunder with the poop/treats, haha!! Poor little man! I love how "mature" Bridger wants to be and yet he is so sweet and polite about it - not snotty like so many kids are when they are trying to be 'Older". I really have such special nephews. I can't wait to see them again... Maybe I WILL have to drive out to Utah in June anyway because I really want to see your family!! Darn, I hadn't thought of that - I can't go another couple years!!! :(

Mindy said...

That feeding-the-animals-scat story made me laugh so hard! I can just imagine how horrified Cannon would have been. And it was funny imagining him wisely telling Bridger not to feed the little black things to the animals. What a cutie! It does seem like Cannon is more grown up and aware of what could be embarrassing from having older siblings. I think Jack would have thought it was a good joke that he was trying to feed the animals scat. It makes me sad thinking of the time when my little boys will be grown up... you are entering the older family phase. Crazy! I always still thing of you as having a young family. (:

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