Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day in Pictures

 It started Saturday night with a "Mothers Day Date" downtown and two of my favorites.. Taco Mamacitas and a walk across the Walnut Bridge!
Pretty flowers....can you spot the butterfly?!
The boys did pretty good, eh?!

Before church pictures with Mom--oh yeah!
So sweet!  I sure LOVE these goof balls!

Just for laughs I had to text this to my Mom--ha ha!


Kim said...


I don't know you, but have been reading your blog for a while. I think I found it from thesisterscafe. Anyway, just wanted to say how much I have learned from your posts and positive attitude. You're a wonderful example of someone who cherishes being a mom. Seems like these days there are so many mixed messages about motherhood and so many things floating around that make motherhood seem so awful. I love your positive perspective even although life is really hard sometimes. I love my babies, and I love taking care of them, even although some days I REALLY miss my career pre-marriage and babies. Thank you for being a great example to me.

Melanie Anne said...

What a sweet heart you are to leave me such a kind and thoughtful comment! You made my day! Thank you so much!

Brittany said...

love those pictures! Your boys are so dang cute - and you are just a perfect boys-mama! ;) THat text you sent out was hilarious - it kept me chuckling for a long time!!

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