Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet 16

 Yesterday our Connor turned 16...and it was one sweet day!

I started the celebration myself the night before going through 16 years of pictures and being flooded with happy memories.  I had a balloon and picture for each year of his life along with little notes from myself, his grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. I put them all in his room while he slept--so fun!  It was a very sentimental project for me and my heart was filled with love for this boy that first  made me a Mother!
Then I was up bright and early to make it across town to the DMV for a drivers license test!
I was a little worried thinking it would be horrible to fail on your birthday, BUT he passed, easily!!
Woo hoo--our first licensed driver!

 Then I was honored to be his first date...lunch at Lupis pizza.  I had actually been teasing him that I wanted to be his first date, and for Mothers day he gave me a gift card to Lupis with a cute note about how he wanted to take me out for his first date!  I loved it!
Then I dropped him off at his friend Ethan's house who was helping me with a surprise party. He had arranged 18 holes of golf to get him out of the house for me!  
These two are making fun of my request to take a picture  by posing silly--goofy boys!

Party time:)

 Waiting on the birthday boy:)
It was so fun having these beautiful girls in the house--so much better than the usual sweaty boys in gym shorts that hang out around here!  ha ha!

It was so funny, we were all gathered around the front room, with my camera lense fixed on the door, when Connor surprised us and came in through the the only picture I have of the big moment is a super fuzzy picture in the kitchen!  Darn it!

He was totally completely surprised though!!
It was a success!

Happy 16th Birthday Connor Bradley!


Susan said...

Love the balloons and pictures! My middle son turns 16 in August and I am totally going to do that!! Don't you just love watching your little boys grow into young men!!! boys are so fun to raise - and they LOVE their mama!!

Melanie Anne said...

I sweet friend! Yes you should do that for your 16 year old too--but be prepared for this little project to pull at your heart strings!! I was up until 2am...but I enjoyed every minute of it:)

Mindy said...

Your balloon idea was darling! I may copy it for an anniversary some time. I can't believe Connor is 16. Time flies. that picture of you with Connor at lunch is so cute. I love how he is over a head taller than you. What happened to my little nephew! that picture more than anything else made him seem so grown up. It sounds like he had an awesome day. you are such a fun mom.

Brittany said...

HOW FUN!! That entire day sounds amazing - what a fun 16 bday for him! I love that you two went out for his first date too. :) I remember Dad taking me out for my first date. I sure love that boy - give him a big hug for me!

FALLON said...

Awe, such a bittersweet day for you, I'm sure! You are so creative and fun! I love the balloon idea! Will have to do that in a few years for mine. Thanks for the idea. Neat that you were his first date.... love that! He's growing up to be such a fine young man!

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