Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Priorities

Summer is here and we are lovin' it!
It is so fun to NOT have to get up early and race the boys off to school everyday.
The pool opened much to our delight!

Bridger remembered how to do a pretty sweet flip!

Cannon who is a swimmer now (yipee) can play for hours with little buddies in the shallow end!
I can actually bring a book or magazine to the pool this year--soo nice!!

I think we will be spending most of our time here at the pool this summer.  It really is the best place to be during hot humid months here in the South!  
I think we are settling into a bit of routine...I get up before the boys and exercise and read my scriptures, we have breakfast, do family scripture study and prayer, then daily jobs, and after that FUN which usually means the POOL!

I do have some goals for this summer:

1-BE HAPPY and patient.  I have found that no one wants to clean up after themselves or do their daily jobs, but I am determined to not get mad.  My top priority is to stay happy even if I have to kindly remind them 10 million times to get their stuff done or put their dishes in the dishwasher!  Eventually they will get it, right?  I hope!

2-Keep these boys well fed. This is a BIG job but worth it--hungry boys are no fun!  I need to keep the kitchen well stocked with fruits and other healthy kid friendly snacks.  Also, I want to stay on a meal plan this summer!  I have been working on one for the next 2 weeks and I will post it on Monday.  I am excited because I have found some really yummy new recipes to try (so yes for those of you who read Sisters posts are coming:)!

3-Plan at least one outing a week. I am thinking adventures like hiking, canoeing at the Arboretum, floating a river, going to a rodeo, temple trip to Atlanta, drive in movie, visit a new park, ....  

4-Find service opportunities for me and the boys to do together.  Next week a sweet older friend that we know asked if we could help move hundreds of books at the downtown library. She volunteers at the library and says her the other old ladies who volunteer just can't manage it all.  I was happy for this opportunity and will have to look for more.  We have lots of time on our hands the next few months!  Maybe some genealogy or indexing??  Hmmm

5-Teach the boys some to iron a shirt,  make a simple meal, have an artist friend teach us some basics .  Also manners...I have been coming up with a list to review on being a gentleman.  I need to come up with a fun way to teach this, but honestly I am noticing that now days boys need a refresher course in how to treat a lady!

6-Last but not least READING!  I have the rule that they must read for 30 minutes a day, but so far I have not enforced it very well.  I am going to have to make a trip to the library for fun books and then buckle down with this one!

Wish me luck, I just may need it:)


Mindy said...

That picture of Coleman is so funny - and SO Coleman. (: Bridger was swimming... so does that mean his heart function is good enough to resume physical activity!? yay! We still pray for his heart every day. We pray for Coley too. Is he feeling better? Love you!

Melanie Anne said...

Yes! Bridger is cleared to swim and play as usual--he just can't do team sports (no swim team, darn it). His heart is showing great progress though--hopefully it will be healed enough by fall to play soccer:)

Brittany said...

great list - I love it!! I love how organized you are sis. that you make goals and write them down. how inspiring! The pics of the boys swimming were so cute - man I'm jealous, that sounds so fun!!

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