Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrating our Daddy-o

 I had so much fun making this banner using old pictures.  Man I love going through old pictures of my babies, but darn it they sure do grow up fast!
Then the boys created the poster: to coordinate)

 These sweet guys were up bright and early to get our special breakfast made before church!
Our sleepy head teenagers did dishes!  Perfect!

In the evening we had a seriously yummy dinner requested by Dad...of Monterey Chicken.  So good--it is a family favorite around here, must try this one:)  The recipe found  here.

All the boys had picked him out a gift and made him a card:)

 I found mustache printables and attached them to sticks thinking they would be so much fun for pictures... And we did have fun playing  with them but I failed to take a single picture!  Oops!

Brad loved his secret
" stash" of (healthy-ish) treats. He has been losing weight lately and we didn't want to foil his plans too much!  Although we did gift him an ice cream maker that we used that very night for our dessert:)  He got lots of fun gifts, but I think his favorite was a digital frame that I loaded with hundreds of pictures representing 16 years of being a Dad.
They all gathered around to watch it:)

I am so thankful for this man.  He is a fantastic Father and  loving Husband.
Together we have created a beautifully chaotic life:)
Happy Father's Day Brad!
I love you!

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Jan S said...

YOu are such a good wife/mother. I am inspired to do a better job myself in celebrating Father's Day and birthdays. You are teaching your boys great lessons . . . their wives are going to love you for it!

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