Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gluten Free Baking Flops and Triumphs

So I have been slowly trying my hand at gluten free baking... 
and as you can see, I have had a few awful failures, like this lovely brick bread.

 Luckily, I have made a few items that the boys actually liked...our first success was chocolate chip cookies. While my husband and I thought they looked perfect, but tasted funny my gluten free boys raved about them!

And last week my cinnamon roll loving boy Bridger begged me to try to make some without gluten.  
I did my best and he did like them, kinda:)
They are just not the same, darn it!  

I have been so grateful for the recipes that some of you have shared to get me started and for a cookbook that one of my blog readers Mother made.  It uses all kind so of ancient grains that I have started collecting in a big rubbermaid:)  This is quite an adventure!

I still find it frustrating and a little discouraging at times, but we are getting better at the new recipes, thank heavens!
I have found this site that is very helpful too
and of course Pintrest, is always full of ideas:)

Are you gluten free too?  Do you have a favorite website or cookbook?


cara said...

Hi Melanie, I found this other gluten free blog, http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/ for you to check out. have a good day.

Melanie Anne said...

THANK you so much!! That site looks great! GF baking can be so expensive, so I am especially interested on how she does it on a shoestring:) I am excited to explore her posts!

Brittany said...

those treats looked delicious (minus the brick, haha) and I bet the boys just loved them! They might not be as good but when your "deprived" you are not nearly as picky! :)

Jen said...

GF on a shoestring talks a lot about her own mixes, but actually does also talk about better batter mixes. They are amazing! Their AP flour rocks as well as their brownie mixes, cake mixes etc. I can't say enough about better batter. They often post deals on their damaged boxes (cosmetic flaws) as well as other deals on their Facebook page. Betterbatter.org

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